GTA 6 Leak: Vice City Theme Park & New Radio Stations

Gta 6 leak radio stations theme park
Are these the new Radio Stations coming to GTA 6? | © Rockstar Games via eGamersWorld

The latest GTA 6 leak has revealed the long-rumored Vice City Theme Park, as well as new radio stations that may be coming to the highly-anticipated game. What is the GTA 6 Vice City Theme Park leak? What are the new GTA 6 Radio Stations? Are these new GTA 6 leaks legit? Can we trust them? We have all the juicy details for you right here!

It's a case of a new day, a new GTA 6 leak. As always, take them with a grain of salt. We don't know anything for certain about GTA 6 – we don't even know its setting (for sure)! This latest GTA 6 leak is, however, rather exciting. A Theme Park has been revealed for Vice City, as have some possible new Radio Stations. What are the new GTA 6 Radio Stations, and what's this Vice City Theme Park?

Are you hyped for GTA 6? Is GTA 6 getting your gears grinding? Are you pumped about this new GTA 6 Vice City Theme Park and Radio Station leaks? Well, let's keep that hype train a-rollin'...

What is the new GTA 6 Vice City Theme Park?

The new GTA 6 Vice City Theme Park was leaked as a location labelled "Quincy World", and has now been leaked as Fred's Fun World. It seems to be chock-a-block full of hilariously named shops and attractions, including that previously leaked Quincy World. As you can see from the Reddit leak below, this looks like a rather fabulous new location for GTA 6... if it turns out to be true!

4chan leak: Fred's Fun World - "I saw the recent leaked map, this picture I took lines up with it." from GTA6

What are the new GTA 6 Radio Stations?

  • Top Pop
  • Riptide
  • Fever
  • Wild...?
  • Sundown
  • FusionFM
  • Iridescent
  • The Monotone
  • Slum Nation
  • OSP Antoso
  • FreshFM
  • Vice City Rock Radio

The same anonymous user who dropped the Theme Park map also dropped this screenshot of possible GTA 6 Radio Stations, all except one of which we could decipher. The new GTA 6 Radio Stations hold some familiar classics, but also some new ones, which we are getting pretty excited about. Is there anything better than cruising around in Grand Theft Auto, listenin' to some tunes? Nope, there really is not.

Gta 6 radio stations
Here's the Radio Stations leak from an anonymous Reddit user. Could these be legit? | © 4Chan Leak via Reddit

Are These GTA 6 Leaks Legit?

We have been unable to verify the GTA 6 new Radio Stations and Vice City Theme Park leaks, so we cannot say whether they are reliable or not. The leaks were brought via 4Chan, and posted to Reddit by anonymous users. It is unknown who the leak was, and thus we cannot verify his or her reliability or validity. What we will say, however, is that they certainly would fit the mold of the kind of thing we can expect from Grand Theft Auto 6 when it eventually releases. They are also insanely cool leaks. Get hyped. Seriously. Get hyped.

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