Get Free Halo Infinite Cosmetics At The Halo Championship Series NA Regional Finals

Do you want free stuff? Well, if you check out the HCS North American Regional Finals this weekend, then that's exactly what you're going to get...

halo infinite hcs na regionals
Get your body ready for this weekend's HCS North American Regional Finals! | © 343 Industries & Halo Esports

We want to start this li'l nugget with a question: is there anyone on God's green Earth who doesn't like free stuff? The answer to that question is clearly no, and you have to admit that if you found someone who did fit into that category, then they probably deserve to meet the same fate as those witches in the 13th Century. Seriously, it would be bloody sorcery, and that same person probably also deserves the fate usually reserved for gamers in modern society – social exclusion.

At the risk of sounded a little bit too “real”, I also have to point something else out: these are some pretty exclusive rewards for some pretty excluded people. Get it? You know, how I did a play on words back there? No? Go and buy a thesaurus for goodness’ sake, or at least finish freakin' High School. Look, the fact of the matter is the Halo Infinite players are getting a bunch of fantastic free stuff simply for tuning into the HCS NA Regional Finals this weekend. Is it confirmed? Yes, and here are the details.

Before we dive into that son-of-a-gun, though, we should first give you a little bit of an update on the state of Halo at the moment. An update, on which we wrote two separate articles (because one of our writers decided to ignore some pretty significant news), dropped a little under a week ago. On top of that, there is a ton of talk about potential Story DLC that may make its way to Halo Infinite's Campaign, and when we can expect the game's second season. Alright, now that I have lambasted a colleague for no discernible reason and given you a couple of updates, here's the scoop…

Free Cosmetics for Halo Infinite Players

If you tune into the North American Regional Finals of the Halo Championship Series this weekend, you will unlock exclusive Twitch drops. These include a collection of weapon coatings, a nameplate, an emblem, and a pretty lame pose. They're all free, though, so even if you are not too keen on what this selection has to offer, there is plenty of reason to get involved. I mean, ultimately, watching Halo Esports is incredibly entertaining anyway, so why not?

What are the HCS Exclusive Drops?

There are three different categories of awards, each of which require you to do subtly different tasks over this weekend. They all revolve around the North American Regional Finals, though, so it's pretty straight forward to pick these bad-boys up! Let's break it down for you:

RewardReward TypeTask

Viewing Time

HCS Winter Battle RifleWeapon CoatingTune into the HCS NA Regional Finals3 Hours
HCS Winter SidekickWeapon CoatingTune into the HCS NA Regional Finals2 Hours
HCS Winter Assault RifleWeapon CoatingTune into the HCS NA Regional Finals1 Hour
Champion ChaliceNameplate & EmblemWatch any HCS Anaheim Partnered Co-Streamer1 Hour
HCS CelebrationPoseWatch the official HCS Broadcast1 Hour

When is the HCS North American Regional Finals?

The HCS NA Regional Finals begin on Friday, February 11, at 12PM PT. You can check them out on the official Halo and HCS Twitch Channels, as well as the Xbox Twitch Channel. Simply by logging into the stream and watching you can earn the above-described awards, and even if you don't want to watch them, just chuck them on in the background while you play Halo Infinite or something and after 3 hours you will have pretty much earned everything. Worth it? Yeah, we reckon… Anyway, let's get back to Halo Infinite's Multiplayer. Those skins, baby, those skins…