How to See Your MMR in Halo Infinite

Fans of Halo Infinite have discovered a brand new way to see your personal MMR. Here's how it works.
Halo infinite see mmr
How are you being ranked in standard Halo Infinite Multiplayer? | © 343 Industries

Halo Infinite's matchmaking has been plagued with problems since the game launched back in December last year. A couple of fixes have, admittedly, been introduced to curb some problems, but it is far from perfect. The bizarre fact that you can't choose mode or map preferences puts it worlds below the quality of past Halo games in terms of the matchmaking experience.

One of the most fundamental reasons for the problems that have been experienced is the way that MMR works in the game. The idea, of course, is to put players of similar skill together to create matches that are fair, balanced and – most importantly – fun. We'll go into what MMR actually is in a minute, but first, we want to stress that this should be at the top of 343 Industries list of things to fix.

Now it seems that a new exploit has been discovered by a number of Halo Infinite players, allowing you to get a rough idea of what your MMR is in the game's multiplayer mode. This is pretty big news, of course, as that is information that can be very useful for players who want to get a deeper idea of their Halo Infinite rank.

What Is MMR In Halo Infinite?

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rank and is a measure of where you sit, in terms of your skill, amongst your Halo Infinite peers. It defines who you will be placed against in multiplayer matches, and how your games will play out. It is defined by how you perform in terms of kills, wins, deaths, assists, and a variety of other metrics.

Usually, MMR is hidden behind-the-scenes and not viewable by players. The reason for this is to avoid players from exploiting the system, as they would otherwise be able to deduce how to increase their MMR artificially through completing certain actions. Now, players have discovered how to see it for yourself...

How To See Your MMR In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite fans have revealed on Reddit how they managed to see their MMR. We will explain exactly what they did, but first we wanted to establish the reasoning behind these steps. Principally, that free-for-all games count each individual player as a team and so the individual data can be deduced via this method.

As redditor u/donutmonkeyman explained:

If you play an FFA game, there is a means within the data to discern your individual MMR at the time of that game. So if you play it regularly, you'd be able to see it trended out and how it changes.

We found a way to see your MMR in Halo Infinite - here's our feedback for how it's implemented from halo

Locate the FFA Game "Match Detail" Endpoint

Now, you need to realize that you cannot simply take a look at the data from a standard match to discover your MMR. If you did this, you would find out a lot about your team's MMR but not your own. This is why free-for-all games are so important. In a way, you are your own team.

There is no "Match Detail" endpoint for free-for-all games, though, so you need to do some more digging to find that information. Thus, make sure to follow the instructions in the Reddit post provided above.

Locate the Separate CSR Service for FFA Games

This service is basically the "skull service" that provides CSR and MMR data to the matchmaking program. Thus, it includes data on the rank of an individual team, and thus, who they should be teamed up against. As we just stated, this means that you can see your rough MMR if you are looking at your "Team" in an FFA game.

Match the XUID to Your Xbox ID

You will find that, if you follow the instructions provided in the Reddit post, you will be met with a bunch of numbers that are very important, but utterly incomprehensible. You need to search for the "XUID", which stands for Xbox User ID, that lists your gamer-tag. This is the data referring to you, and thus, provides you with the MMR information you want to know.

Keep Comparing Your MMR

To get a good picture of how your MMR is doing, what's improving it, and how you are affecting it, make sure to keep checking back on your FFA stats every few matches. As these numbers change, you will be able to determine what is changing your MMR and how the game is stacking you up against other players. Interesting, right?

So there you have it! A great little compact guide to MMR in Halo Infinite. It is very important for the success of the matchmaking system that MMR is measured accurately and fairly. That doesn't, however, mean that it always will be. Thus, we reiterate that it is important to check back regularly if you want to actively influence your MMR and achieve your goals.