Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Game Revealed By WB Games

Warner Bros. games has just revealed a new Harry Potter multiplayer game that will focus on the popular wizarding sport Quidditch.

Harry potter quidditch champions 2
Harry Potter Quidditch Champions revealed by WB Games | © Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

This came totally out of the blue, a new Harry Potter game has just been revealed by Warner Bros Games. It makes sense now, why they didn't include Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy. They were planning on releasing Harry Potter Quidditch Champions all along.

Fans will be incredibly excited about this upcoming addition to the Wizarding World. Knowing that there will be tons of questions about this new game, Warner Bros. games has created an FAQ website, that should cover most of our questions in mind.

Harry Potter Quidditch Game Revealed

This is great news for all potter heads out there. Our beloved franchise is going to get another addition in terms of gaming. Warner Bros. Games has just announced the upcoming title "Harry Potter Quidditch Champions". This game is going to be an action packed multiplayer that features the world’s most iconic magical sport.

WB Games has also revealed that this game has already been in development Unbroken Studios for several years now. The game will be a complete standalone Quidditch experience in a competitive multiplayer setting. So, competing against your friends in the most brutal and fast-paced wizarding sport ever? Sounds like a great game to me!