Hitman Trilogy Gets Rogue-Like Mode This Month With "Freelancer"

The Hitman Trilogy, now officially called World of Assassination, is getting a Rogue-like mode this month called "Freelancer". Here's everything you need to know about the newest addition to Hitman.

Hitman Freelancer
Hitman Freelancer, a Rogue-like version of the game, is coming out this month. | © IOI

The most-recent trilogy of Hitman games, now officially re-named 'World of Assassination' is one of the best gaming experiences of the last few years, and it's about to get even better. The trilogy is getting the so-called Freelancer-mode, a kind of Rogue-like variant of the classic Hitman gameplay. The best thing about it? It's coming very soon! And it's free! Here's what you can expect from Freelancer.

Hitman Freelancer – DIY Assassinations

Freelancer is set to release on January 26 as a free update to Hitman: World of Assassination. The new mode is all about strategic planning and player freedom. Instead of having a handler, who gives you all the info and gear you need, you will be able to do that work in the safehouse, the hub in Freelancer.

Each new mission in this mode is randomized, with different targets, objectives, locations, gear and so on. You get these different parameters in the safehouse, where you can also choose your gear. Successfully completing missions grants you a currency, which you can use to unlock new gear or acquire it during missions.

Players will have to build and maintain an arsenal of gear, but also decide on what to bring to missions, weigh up the pros and cons of having a limited gear capacity and the risk of losing valuable and hard to come by equipment.

Without a handler, players can also delve into the important role of carrying our their own recon and investigation work, by identifying targets in Showdown missions.
Hitman Freelancer Gameplay
The safehouse hub in Freelancer looks really cool. | © IOI

The idea of remixing Hitman levels and putting randomized elements into the mix sounds extremely exciting. Fans of the trilogy have played these levels to death by now, so seeing them in this new light can potentially breathe life into them again.

Freelancer will launch on January 26 as a free update to Hitman: World of Assassination. Watch ne nifty launch trailer here:

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