Hogwarts Legacy: Mod Lets You Play As Voldemort

Most of you have probably already completed a normal playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, so now it's time to mod the sh*t out of it!

Avada Kedavra! | © Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy will unquestionably go down in this year's history as one of the biggest launches and a success for WB Games, which will likely result in more titles from the Harry Potter's world in the coming years. Avalanche Software has created a great game with a wide open world and dozens of engaging missions.

But now we've said how great a job Avalanche did, let's start praising those mod-makers too!

Voldemort As The Main Protagonist?

The Hogwarts Legacy modding community is currently still small, as modders are just learning the capabilities of Avalanche Software's latest game title. However, that hasn't stopped modders from creating some truly weird and wonderful mods for the game. Among others, the recently released mod for Hogwarts Legacy allows players to play as the Dark Lord - Lord Voldemort.

Whenever a new game comes out, it's exciting to see how the modding community will transform it. In the case of Hogwarts Legacy, it's just the beginning, but all indications are that the game will have an active and dedicated modding community for some time to come. Which will certainly spice up our gameplay...

Above you might have seen footage of the Lord Voldemort mod, which was posted on YouTube by modder Dego. It shows scenes of Voldemort wreaking havoc on the Hogwarts grounds. As you can see from this short presentation, Voldemort has been very well rendered compared to the normal characters created by Avalanche, and it looks really impressive!

How Do I Add Voldemort To The Game?

The developer has already placed it for free on the Nexus Mods website.

Thus, you should download the mod file from the site and place it in the Hogwarts Legacy game folder to enjoy the modified gameplay. On the Nexus Mods website you will find detailed instructions and more interesting modifications!

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