Hogwarts Legacy: Reddit User Shocks With Spreadsheet – Avada Kedavra Does 10 Million Damage

The notorious Avada Kedavra spell is said to deliver an astonishing 10 million points of damage, according to a user on the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit.

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra Guide
One spell in Hogwarts Legacy is just broken! | © Portkey Games

One of the main attractions of attending Hogwarts Legacy is spellcasting, along with getting into magical mischief. Still looking for the best combinations? We have something for you!

After going through the game's raw files, a user by the nickname of "Blahable" on the official Hogwarts Legacy subreddit has successfully compiled the precise metrics for each spell, talent, characteristic, and more.

Avada Kedavra Deals 10 Million Damage

Here is an example of the impressive damage this spell can cause:

Asmongold is totally perplexed what this spell can do. The phrase "killing curse" is certainly accurate.

The post is really cool, especially for gamers who enjoy exploring the game's various possibilities. If you are interested in more details from the reddit post it contains all information about:

  • Spells: Precise damage amounts, cooldown times, casting distances, and durations of crowd control.
  • All traits have a numerical impact on all three ranks.
  • All talents have numerical implications.
  • Scaling of the player based on equipment for offense and defense
  • Enemy statistics and scaling include enemy health points, a damage multiplier, a damage reduction, level ranges, a vulnerability multiplier, and scaling for difficulty.
  • Differences in difficulty include enemy damage reduction, variations in vulnerability, and attack frequency.
  • Gear: In each level range, the power level (offense or defense) stat may be found on the gear. A calculator that displays the maximum stat for your level and the anticipated averages for each quality is also available.
  • Broom: Complete numbers, including top speed, acceleration, handling, etc., for each broom improvement.

Of course, we've already written about these topics, too, so you'll get the numbers there and the info with us!

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