Hogwarts Legacy: Secret Merchant Helps You Earn More Gold

To make your galleon farming easier, find the secret merchant in Hogwarts Legacy. Here is, how to find him and what makes him special.

Hogwarts Legacy J Pippin
Sadly this is not the secret merchant in Hogwarts Legacy, but somewhere quite similar galleons are waiting for you | © Portkey Games

Life in Hogwarts Legacy can be expensive. All our explorations are not cheap, so we need to make some serious Galleons. Luckily I know someone who will give you a good price for your sellable items.

Important to know: Sadly our secret merchant is only available on PS5. One more reason to get one, now that they are available.

How To Unlock The Secret Merchant

So, how do you get your special merchant and what difference does it make to sell stuff there instead of any other shop. Let me explain it to you.

When you sell your items to the secret merchant, you get 10% more money than at anywhere else. This can add up very quickly, if you specifically farm for more galleons. So he's definitely worth it!

Now here's your hurdle to richness. The merchant is locked behind the PS5 exclusive quest "Minding Your Own Business". After you've completed the main quest "Charles Rockwood's Trial", you can find a sad house elf in front of an abandoned shop in Hogsmeade.

Beware: To progress the quest you need 1500 galleons. That might sound steep, but with the bonus from your new merchant, this expense can easily be returned. Also, you get a cool new look as a reward as well!

Something pretty exciting is happening for Hogwarts Legacy players:

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