Horizon Multiplayer Game Footage & Other Details Leaked

It has been recently revealed, that a Horizon multiplayer game is in development. Now, leaked footage and artwork has appeared online, claiming to show the game in action.

Horizon Multiplayer Leak
Horizon Multiplayer game: First details and footage have leaked. | © Sony

It's an open secret, that developer Guerilla Games is working on a multiplayer spin-off in the Horizon series. Now it looks like early footage from the game has been leaked, along with some artwork.

Horizon Multiplayer Game Leaked

These details have been revealed by multiple sources, including prolific leaker @Mr_Rebs on Twitter. They shared a video of very early footage of a multiplayer concept build. There you can see different character models with unique cosmetics, a hub area, different abilities and more.

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The footage obviously looks rough, as it's from an alpha build. But it definitely illustrates how cool a Horizon multiplayer game could be. Imagine building out your own character and exploring this amazing Sci-Fi world with your friends. So good.

On everyone's favorite forums, Reddit and ResetEra, screenshots and artwork also popped up. The concept art reveals that the game seems to take a decidely more colorful and cartoony look, which actually reminded us of recent surprise hit Hi-Fi Rush.

It has recently been revealed via job listings, that one of the Guerilla's studios is looking for employees with experience in making online games, making it all but confirmed. We still didn't get any official announcement for the game, so we still don't know the actual name, release date, anything like that. Let's hope it won't take too long.

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