Insider Claims Forza Motorsport Is Delayed

According to a trusted insider source, the upcoming Forza Motorsport has been pushed back and will not come out in the first half of 2023 after all.

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Forza Motorsport looks like it will be delayed. | © Microsoft

Just a few days ago, at the Xbox Developer Direct, Forza Motorsport was shown off with extended gameplay and a longer presentation on the return of the iconic racing game franchise. However, no release date was given for the game, which was expected to launch in Spring 2023. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, according to insider sources claiming that the game has been delayed.

Forza Motorsport Seems To Come Later Than Expected

This claim comes from industry insider Jeff Grubb, a trusted source for all kinds of leaks and reveals inside the gaming industry. On the latest episode of his Game Mess Decides podcast, Grubb talks about a Forza Motorsport delay, that was relayed to him through insider sources.

I'm feeling pretty good about this, after asking around a couple of times. It does seem that Forza is going to slip later into the year. And probably won't be the first half of the year. The timeframe I'm hearing for Forza is Q3, maybe even a little bit later than that.

So it looks like it won't be Spring, but rather the third quarter of the year, which would be somewhere between July and September. That wouldn't be too bad, but why didn't Microsoft already delay their game during their showcase?

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Maybe they don't know themselves how much longer it will exactly take. As soon as we know more about the Forza Motorsport release date, we will let you know immediately.

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