Jedi Fallen Order Is Free Right Now

Jedi Fallen Order was a fantastic little action game that let you live out your Jedi fantasy - and now it's completely free!

Jedi Fallen Order Free
Yep, completely free. | © EA

Jedi Fallen Order is a great action game from the people behind Titanfall 2. It looks beautiful, the combat is fun, and you get about 15-hours of a well written story. Think Nathan Drake in outer-space. And guess what? It's completely free this month (January 2022). Here's how to get your copy!

How do you get Jedi Fallen Order for free?

Just follow this Amazon link, and click the claim now button. You do need to have Amazon Prime, so...not free for everyone. But in this day and age, pretty much everyone has Amazon Prime, and if you don't, we're fairly sure you probably know someone who does have Prime that won't be claiming the deal for themselves.

The bad news? This offer provides an Origin code that can be redeemed for a copy of Jedi Fallen Order on PC, via the Origin client. In other words, you cannot get Jedi Fallen Order for PlayStation or Xbox right now, this deal is a PC exclusive. Which sucks, we admit, but it's currently very cheap to buy on those platforms, so you aren't missing out on the deal of a lifetime.

Is Jedi Fallen Order worth it?

Yes; it might not be the next Knights of the Old Republic (fyi, there's a reboot in the works), but it's a decent 15-hour action game, and it's completely free. If you're a Star Wars fan then this is an absolute no-brainer, and you'll particularly enjoy seeing how faithfully they've modelled some of the rarer Stormtroopers. But even if you're not into Star Wars this is a solid action game, with a few puzzle mechanics along the way and a genuinely well-built combat system. So redeem your code today, and check back here for more deals - we always keep an ear to the ground for our readers.