Leak: The Last of Us 3 Apparently In Development For PS6

Naughty Dog might have refuted that The Last of Us 3 is coming soon, but there are some rumours that could suggest that the game is actually currently being worked on and we can expect it to be released in the coming years.

The Last of Us 2
Who wouldn't want a third The Last of Us? | © Naughty Dog

It hasn't been long since we've last heard of some The Last of Us 3 rumours floating around, right? Just last November there were speculations that The Last of Us 3 was in the making, something which hasn't been proven yet by Naughty Dog themselves.

But some leakers believe that their sources have confirmed that The Last of Us 3 has been met with the green light and will be coming soon. Hell, we even have a release window!

Rumour: Sony Insider Confirms The Last of Us 3

According to The Leak, someone at Sony, who has previously leaked the PS5 Slim, has also revealed that The Last of Us 3 is in production. According to the source, the project is "in progress" and that they've even got a release window set for when they want to get this thing out there.

This isn't the first time TLOU 3 Rumours have come about:

Not only that, but Neil Druckman has already revealed that the story line for the game has been written, so it seems like there isn't much stopping Naughty Dog from making The Last of Us 3, right?

Hell, even the HBO The Last of Us Series has been one of the best received shows in a long time, which means that there is even less of a reason not to go ahead with The Last of Us 3.

Sony Aiming For PS6 Release

It seems that Sony wants the game to be released with the next-next gen. According to the leaks Sony marked the game with "PlayStation 6 in mind", which could mean that the game is set to release for the end of the PS5 era and along with the PS6.

With the amount of information we have on the game thus far this all checks out, since a tripple-A game like this usually takes around 6-years to develop and from what we've gathered the production of The Last of Us 3 is still in very early development.

But these are all just leaks so take any information with a grain of salt. Hopefully these rumours are true though, because we want more TLOU.

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