Confirmed: Lego Star Wars Coming To Game Pass Soon

Xbox has recently teased a big new addition to Game Pass: Lego Star Wars. It is now confirmed, that it will be released on Game Pass very soon.

Star Wars Lego Game Pass
Lego Star Wars on Game Pass is a huge win. | © Eidos Interactive / Microsoft

With news of Disney planning to make a new Star Wars game every 6 months, and with the franchise doing constant crossovers with games like Fortnite, there's no lack of gaming content for Star Wars fans. But a lot of Star Wars games are trashy cash-grabs. There have only been a few truly incredible Star Wars games.

When you think about the best Star Wars games of all time, you're probably imagining the OG Battlefront games and KOTOR, but surely, after those giants Lego Star Wars has to come to mind. This was, after all, the game that laid the foundations for every subsequent Lego game. Good times. If only it became free, so we could dip in for the nostalgia. Sadly, the game isn't going free-to-play, but we're getting the next best thing: Lego Star Wars is coming to Game Pass!

Lego Star Wars Coming To Game Pass

Xbox were the first to cryptically share this news, and they did it in Wordle form (so to speak):

Obviously, three four-letter words with those letters can only mean one thing: they're talking about Lego Star Wars. It has now been confirmed, that the game will actually come to Game Pass, and it's coming very soon. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is joining Game Pass on December 6. If you don't want to wait, you can just buy the game.

Hopefully we'll see some of these puppies in the Game Pass soon:

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