Lionsgate CEO Confirms Plans For AAA John Wick Game

Lionsgate, the studio making the John Wick movies, would love to turn the action franchise into a video game. We're all for it.

Keanu Reeves in John Wick and Cyberpunk 2077
It's time for Keanu to be in another video game. | © Lionsgate / CD Projekt

What an amazing idea: Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer wants to turn John Wick into a video game. This has been announced by Feltheimer in an earnings call. He wants to turn the popular franchise into a "big AAA game" and honestly, it's been a while since any CEO had such a good idea.

We Could Get A Big John Wick Game

Now, this game is not in development yet, but Lionsgate does seem to be actively looking into making this exciting idea into reality. Here's what Feltheimer had in mind for this potential project:

"I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but we believe there is a big AAA game to be made out of ‘John Wick'. We have been fielding proposals. We certainly are interested in moving that forward, but I don’t want to say anything more about that at this time.”

So there's already something cooking over there. It will probably be just a matter of time. John Wick is still hugely popular and with two more films slated for release, the franchise will keep going strong for a few more years. Let's hope this game will actually get made sooner rather than later.

And let's hope that it's better than the first John Wick game, John Wick Hex. Nice idea with making it all tactical and methodical and stuff, but I think having a Max Payne style 3rd-person shooter is much better suited for some fun John Wick action.