LoL Parent Company Might Buy Your Favorite Game Studio

The parent company behind Riot, Tencent, has announced that they are look to aggresively buy up game developers.

Tencent buying game companies
What will Tencent buy next...? | © Suke Final, ArtStation

Xbox did it, Sony did it... everybody's buying gaming companies now. It's like they're the new NFTs: Everybody wants a piece. Now, a certified giant is making its move: Tencent is looking to buy gaming companies, and as one of the worlds biggest behemoths... they have the money to spare.

Tencent Is Buying Gaming Companies

According to a report by Reuters, Tencent is shifting it's strategy to "aggresively buying majority stakes, mainly in overseas gaming companies". I honestly don't know what their previous strategy was, maybe they just did it with less aggression, but it seems that now they are serious about it.

What exactly do 'majority stakes' mean? Well, it means that Tencent will seek to have control over the gaming companies' output. Considering that Tencent is from China, and the developers they're targeting are said to be mostly European, this sure is an interesting development. After all, Tencent is the world's number one gaming firm by revenue, and own some of the world's biggest companies IPs - including Riot Games and League of Legends.

Whether this will be good or bad for us gamers remains to be seen, but I like to stay optimistic and think that a little Asian flair, culture, and gaming ideas in European hands, might just be a mix that leads to some refreshingly new games.