We're Getting a Horizon Multiplayer Game

The Horizon franchise is far from done: After the sequel, we are now getting a multiplayer game. Here's what you need to know.

Horizon multiplayer game
I want it now. | © Juan Diego Leon

The news of a Horizon multiplayer game broke alongside the news of Horizon Zero Dawn getting a PS5 remake: Both were first reported by MP1ST, and later confirmed by VGC. So... it does seem like this is really happening, but what exactly can expect from a Horizon multiplayer experience?

Horizon Multiplayer Game Planned

First of all, it should be noted that Sony always intended for Horizon Forbidden West to feature a co-op mode, but scrapped it to meet deadlines. They then decided to save the feature for a future project - either a standalone online game, or Horizon 3. Well, according to MP1ST and VGC, that is really happening.

Still, aside from the fact that we know we can actually expect a multiplayer Horizon game, we have no idea what kind of an experience it will be. Since Guerilla Games originally intended to include co-op, though, it's a logical assumption that we might be getting something similar to Ghost of Tsushima's multiplayer addition.

Another possibility is that Guerilla Games makes use of the monster-infested world it has crafted and gives us something along the lines of Monster Hunter. That would certainly be more original than most multiplayer modes tacked onto popular games, and it would be in great company with the Monster Hunter-like game that EA is planning to release next year.