Rumor: Sony Is Working on a Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster

So rumor has it we're getting a Horizon Zero Dawn Remake for the PS5. Here's what we know.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remake
Welcome back... in 4K. | © Arno Schmitz

This is kind of getting out of hand: Horizon Zero Dawn is not an old game by any stretch of the imagination, yet here we are - supposedly getting a remake. Listen, I thought the The Last of Us remake was a little bit odd, but to remake a PS4 game...? I don't know how I feel about that.

Conflicting Reports on Horizon Remake for PS5

The news of a possible Horizon Zero Dawn remake was first broken by MP1ST, who published a report, that was later corroborated by VGC. They claim that the Zero Dawn remake will add better character models, graphic modes, more accessibility features and quality of life improvements to gameplay features. Sounds like the Spiderman treatment, actually. The same report also claims that we are getting a Horizon multiplayer game, but we discussed that in more detail in this article.

After MP1ST and VGC blazed the path, industry insider Lance McDonald took to Twitter to confirm the rumors:

So... it seems like this is really happening. The question is whether this will be a full-on remake or just an upgraded PS5 version, much like Spider-Man was upon being re-released. If it's the former, I think it's kind of overkill, but at the same time... that first Avatar movie is doing major numbers at the movies after being re-released, so... as long as people buy it, developers will keep on remaking stuff.