Lost Ark Update & Patch Notes: Not The Fixes You Wanted, Servers Down For Hours

Lost Ark updates are coming every week, we will explain them for you. Today, we have changes to how gold works and measurements against bots in the game.

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Lost Ark updates are coming every week. We will show you the update patch notes, explain and recap the changes for you. | © Smilegate

On August 10, Lost Ark is getting its next weekly update. This time, developer Smilegate is mainly deploying a few bug fixes. One of the major issues concerning players in the last weeks has not been adressed, mainly the issues around powerpasses. Let's check out this week's Lost Ark update.

Lost Ark Update August 10 Patch Notes: What Will Change

This week's update doesn't change too much. It only employs a couple of bug fixes. As you will see, the patch notes also include a strange apology of sorts. Here are all changes and the patch notes from the official Lost Ark forum post:

  • Fixed an issue causing lock icons to be shown on unlocked Skill Tree Inventory tabs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Runes equipped on some Shadowhunter and Artillerist skills to not display properly in the Combat Skills menu.
  • Powerpasses and gifting remain disabled for the time being. We apologize for this ongoing interruption, and we will provide an update to the situation as soon as we are able.

The powerpasses in Lost Ark have been recently disabled, partly because of issues surrounding bots and the gold economy. People were not happy about that and are even more disappointed now, that the issue still persists. It's still unclear, how long the powerpasses will stay disabled.

See here how to farm gold quickly in Lost Ark:

Lost Ark Update: Server Downtime

As usual, the Lost Ark servers will be down while the update is being issued. The update will go live on August 10th at 12 AM PT / 7 AM UTC / 9 AM CEST, with the server downtime being estimated to last up to 4 hours. That means that you should be able to play Lost Ark again at 6 AM PT / 1 PM UTC / 3 PM CEST.

This is another point that had people fuming: this update does barely anything new, it even prolongs the powerpass issue, and there's still a huge server downtime of four hours. The community is not happy about this, as you can see in the Lost Ark subreddit.

We don't expect the download size for the update to be huge, since these changes are fairly minor. So once the update is here and the servers are back up, you won't have to wait for too long before you can get back into Lost Ark.