Mario Strikers Battle League Guide: How To Unlock Galactic Mode

Mario Strikers Battle League has a Galactic Mode, but what even is that and how can you unlock it?

Mario strikerss battle league galactic mode
Everything you need to know about the Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League. | © Nintendo

Today, you're either playing The Quarry or Mario Strikers. If you've come here, then it's probably the latter. If you stumbled across this article after June 10, 2022, hey, welcome, you should also check out The Quarry (it's a great game).

But you're not here for The Quarry, you're here for the Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League. Let's start with the basics.

What's Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League?

Galactic Mode is the harder version of the Cup Battle, a competitive double-elimination tournament. There is also Quick Battle Mode and Normal Mode. Galactic Mode is the hardest version and can only be unlocked when you grind enough.

If you've played Mario Kart, you will be very familiar with this system. Unlocking Galactic Mode is pretty easy, you just need to invest some time into it.

How To Unlock Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League?

There's a total of six cups in Mario Strikers Battle League that offer Normal Mode right from the start:

  • Cannon Cup
  • Chain Cup
  • Turbo Cup
  • Muscle Cup
  • Trick Cup
  • Championship Cup (unlocked only after going through the other 5 cups first)

To unlock Galactic Mode for each of these cups, you first need to complete them in Normal Mode. Only once that is done will Galactic Mode be accessible to you. In addition to being eligible for the Galactic Mode, completing cups will give you coins, and you need those for multiple things within the game.

Just like the Normal Mode, the Galactic Mode for the Championship Cup will only be unlocked if you manage to complete Galactic Mode for all five of the other cups.

And that's all there is to know about Galactic Mode in Mario Strikers Battle League. Even if it's the harder mode, completing a cup in Galactic Mode is worth it as it earns you a whooping 1K coins. Quick cash grab.