Meet Your Maker Open Beta Announced: Play The New Shooter By Dead By Daylight Devs For Free Next Month

Meet Your Maker, the exciting Mario Maker/DOOM mashup by the Dead By Daylight devs Behaviour Interactive, is hosting an open beta next month. Here's everything you need to know.

MYM Open Beta Key Art B min
Meet Your Maker is getting an open beta very soon. | © Behvaiour

Meet Your Maker, the new game by Behaviour Interactive of Dead by Daylight fame, is set to come out in April. And if you want to check out the FPS with a twist before that, you can do so next month thanks to an open beta.

Meet Your Maker Open Beta Coming Very Soon

Behaviour Interactive has announced an open beta for Meet Your Maker from February 6 to February 13 on Steam. In the game, you build your own outposts by setting routes, traps, soldiers and more. You then go into other player's outposts to steal valuable resources and items from them.

Meet Your Maker has kind of amazed and confused us since the announcement. Is this game actually a sort of mashup between Mario Maker and DOOM? We saw it at Gamescom, and can confirm that it is! So we're excited to finally dive into it with this open beta. And you should be too. Check out the cool beta trailer below.

Build a maze of devious deathtraps designed to lure, outwit, and kill trespassing players. Combine a huge array of customizable blocks, traps, and guards. Pre-record custom patrol paths for your guards with the innovative AI recording system. Share your Outposts and watch other players take them on. Reap rewards from those who die, learn how to strengthen your creation from those who live, and never lose progress or resources by being raided.

Test your grit, wit, and reflexes by tactically raiding other players’ Outposts. Get in, grab the Genmat, and try to make it out alive. Gain an edge by choosing the right loadout (melee, ranged, defensive), perks, and consumables to match your challenge or playstyle. Take another step forward with every attempt. Reveal a new strategy with every death. Master every Outpost that stands in your way.

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