Midnight Suns: All Moon Seal Locations

In Marvel's Midnight Suns, Moon Seals are hidden all over the place in the Abbey grounds. The collectible items unlock the important Words of Power, which you need to unlock the secrets of the Abbey and progress the story around The Hunter and their magical residence. Here's how you find each Moon Seal in the game.

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Marvel's Midnight Suns: Discover all Moon Seal locations here. | © 2K Games

Marvel's Midnight Suns is full of secrets, especially in the Abbey, the game's huge hub area. An important part to unlocking these secrets are the Moon Seals, which unlock the so-called Words of Power for The Hunter. The Words help you unlock barriers, gates, and secrets around the abbey, and each of the four Moon Seals in the game unlocks a different power – if you can beat the Blood Gate challenges, which follow upon finding a Moon Seal.

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Midnight Suns: All Moon Seal Locations

Every Moon Seal in Midnight Suns is attached to a mini-quest, which you need to finish in order to find the desired collectible. In this guide, we will show you how to complete all four challenges and get all Moon Seals in the game.

First Moon Seal

The first Moon Seal is the easiest in the game, as it's basically gifted to you. You just have to interact with the statue of Agatha, and her spirit will show you the first Blood Gate in the game. You can interact with the statue as soon as you have access to the Abbey.

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Complete the Blood Gate challenge and you’ll gain access to Oshtur’s Cavern, where you’ll find the Moon Seal. Place the thing on the altar in that room and you’ll then learn the Word of Power "Open"

Midnight Suns Moon Seals Altar
Agatha's Altar hides a lot of secrets – including a Moon Seal. | © 2K Games / EarlyGame

Second Moon Seal

The second Moon Seal requires you to find four Elemental Rods, hidden by Scarlet Witch. To start the quest, talk to Agatha in the library, who gives you the quest to find the rods. Here's how to find all four Elemental Rods:

  • Fire Rod: The Fire Rod is inside the Abbey, more concretely in the chapel. This is the most southern point of the building. Just walk in and grab the Fire Rod.
  • Water Rod: Go to the pool next to the training yard. You’ll see some glyphs next to some rocks behind the pool. The Water Rod is tucked away here.
  • Earth Rod: For this one, you'll have to go back to The Hunter's tomb, where they were brought back to life. Use the Open Power Word to remove the door from the burial place and pick up the rod.
  • Air Rod: Head to Agatha's Altar and walk up a small flight of stairs to the left. You’ll see the Air Rod sitting on a podium.

Once you have all four rods, go to Agatha's Altar and place them on the corresponding pillars to make the Moon Seal appear. Now head to the Standing Stones area, where you will find the next Blood Gate. Complete the challenge and place the Moon Seal at the altar to unlock the Word of Power "Reveal".

Third Moon Seal

The next Moon Seal requires a bit of a duck hunt, but it's not too bad. First go north to Hiram Shaw’s Church. Use your new Reveal power to open the door of the church, go through it until you get to a cave behind the church. You’ll find a red ward thingy blocking the way. Fast travel back to the Abbey and speak to Dr. Strange, who will start to work on getting rid of the ward.

Midnight Suns Moon Seals Church
Exploring the Church uncovers one of the Moon Seals in Midnight Suns. | © 2K Games

After some days, Dr. Strange will contact you to help you remove that ward. After exploring the cave room, return to Hiram Shaw’s Church and use the Reveal power in the main room. Three blank pieces of parchment will now show drawings of where Hiram Shaw had murdered witches in the past. That bastard...

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You now need to visit each of the ‘Witch Warrens’ shown in these drawings to retrieve a soil sample. The warrens are generally located in caves or openings and have witch signs, with which you can interact, placed in front of them. Here are the locations of the three witch warrens:.

  • Follow the stream next to the training yard until you get to the end. You’ll find the soil sample near a wooden table in the alcove.
  • Near Atum’s Cavern on your map, you’ll see a Witch’s sign. Head into the opening near the sign to find a soil sample.
  • Head to Dreamer’s Descent and go up the hill. You’ll find a cave around the graveyard. The last soil sample is located here.

Once you got all three soil samples, head to the hanging tree near Hiram Shaw’s Church. You will have to restore a bridge first and then follow the path behind it. The thing is full of green sigils which glow in the dark, hard to miss really-

When you're by the tree, use Reveal to acquire the third moon seal. Complete the following Blood Gate challenge to acquire the Word of Power "Purify".

Fourth Moon Seal

For the last Moon Seal, you'll need to find the Garden of Envy in the north-western part of the map. When you get to the garden, you’ll find out that the fourth Moon Seal has been shattered into pieces. Sadge. That obviously means that you need to find the pieces and rebuild the Moon Seal.

Midnight Suns Moon Seals Forest
The Abbey in Midnight Suns is full of secrets. | © 2K Games / EarlyGame

Here are the locations of the three Moon Seal fragments:

  • Find a spiral staircase near the entry of the Garden of Envy. Climb up the stairs to find the first Moon Seal fragment in the wall at the top of the stairs.
  • Another Moon Seal fragment can be found on a ledge above the graveyard next to the garden.
  • Go to the middle of the garden to find a path around a cliff. A Moon Seal fragment is at the end of this path.

Once you pocketed all three Moon Seal fragments, you'll be asked to find a mysterious flower. Travel to Agatha’s cottage to find that flower. Now meet the old witch in the library, where she will rebuild the Moon Seal. Now you can open the Blood Gate in the Garden of Envy and unlock the last Word of Power in Midnight Suns, "Break".

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