Minecraft Legends: Villager Chest Guide

In this guide we will deal with the Villager Chest in Minecraft Legends, where villagers deposit valuable resources for the player to retrieve, and making good use of it is crucial to gain the resources needed to defend yourself against the Piglin Horde's attacks.

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Minecraft Legends: Villager Chest Guide | © Mojang

In Minecraft Legends, a Villager Chest is a chest located at the Fountain in the center of each Village, where Villagers deposit care packages of valuable resources for the player to retrieve at their leisure, helping the player gather resources needed to defend against the Piglin Horde.

Players are tasked with leading the Overworld's inhabitants in a battle against the Piglin Horde's incursion. To succeed, they need to build defenses, fuel spawners, and fend off the seemingly endless Piglin horde, which requires a considerable amount of resources.

While players can gather resources from the world with the help of Allays, they can also rely on the assistance of Villagers. These Villagers spend their time assembling care packages of valuable resources for the defensive effort, which they deposit into their Village Chest for the player to retrieve later. Making good use of these chests and the donations within is essential for acquiring the resources necessary to win the battle.

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Minecraft Legends: Villager Chests Explained

Villager Chests are located at the Fountain in the center of each Village and are resupplied at the start of each day by the Villagers, as long as the Fountain has not been destroyed. To access the chest, players can simply head over and hold down the interact button to open it. The chest will automatically deposit its contents into the player's inventory, and anything that cannot be carried will remain in the chest for later. In this video you can learn everything at a glance.

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Minecraft Legends: The Village Chest next to the fountain | © Mojang

While all Villages will supply players with Wood, Stone, and Prismarine in large quantities, players may need to search for specific villages to obtain other resources like coal, iron, diamond, or redstone. Using the World Map, players can move the cursor over a village to see what special resource the village gathers. There is usually at least one village for each resource created on World Generation, making it easier for players to locate the resources they need.

Building the "Improvement: Shared Village Chests" can make Villager Chests even more convenient to manage. This upgrade allows players to retrieve resources from every Village Chest on the map by opening just one, effectively linking all of the Overworld's Villager Chests.

This makes it easy for players to restock their entire inventory with just one visit, making it a valuable upgrade. By taking care of the Villages, players can ensure that they always have a steady supply of basic resources and greatly enhance their ability to build defenses and strengthen their army.

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