Mordhau Crossplay: Can You Play With Friends On Different Platforms?

The Mordhau crossplay availability options are a bit tricky; here's what you need to know about Mordau's crossplay options for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Mordhau Crossplay
Mordhau Crossplay: Is it a thing? | © Triternion

Mordhau is a medieval-themed multiplayer action game developed by Triternion. It was released in 2019 (for PC only) and gained popularity for its intense combat system. The game is primarily focused on melee combat, featuring a variety of weapons and a wide range of customization options for players to create their own unique warriors.

Now, thankfully, the game is also coming to console. But will it have crossplay?

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Mordhau: Crossplay Support Check

Yes and no; PC players can only play with other PC players, but there will be crossplay support between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. So all console users will be able to play together, but PC players will not be able to join console lobbies.

This is a fairly good middle ground, especially when you consider all the advantages PC players have. This option still allows for Xbox and PlayStation users to game together (although given the recent development in the "Console War" we don't think many will want to)

Where Can You Buy Mordhau?

Well, if you're on PC, it's been available for years from hundreds of retailers, but we imagine you're a console user. So here we go:

  • Xbox: Simply follow this link to Pre-Order Mordhau.
  • PlayStation: The devs misspelled part of the store description for Mordhau, and so it had to be resubmitted for certification. Therefore, you can't pre-order right now, but it will be available in the Sony store before launch.

And there you have it, a short sharp guide on whether crossplay will be available in Mordhau. Are you happy with console only crossplay, or is this limitation going to stop you from buying the game?

Luckily there isn't much of this in Mordhau:

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