MultiVersus: How To Turn Off Autoparty

The MultiVersus autoparty feature is starting to annoy players in an otherwise great multiplayer experience. However, you can disable that. And we will show you how.

Multi Versus Autoparty
MultiVersus: Autoparty can be annoying for people. See here how you can turn it off. | © WB Games

We've been having a great time with MultiVersus recently, especially in the fantastic online multiplayer. One annoying feature keeps nagging at players though: autoparty. While it's not a huge issue, it can grind on players when playing with randos online. But don't worry, my fellow gamers: you can turn autoparty in MultiVersus off. Read the rest of this guide to see how to do it.

MultiVersus Autoparty Explained

If you play the 2v2 mode in MultiVersus with online matchmaking, you will automatically land in a party with the people in the match. That's autoparty, baby. While this is a nice idea, it can be pretty annoying after a while, especially if you want to do your own thing or are just tired of seeing the same players. That's why people generally want to turn it off, and thankfully, you can do that quite easily.

How To Disable Autoparty in MultiVersus

You can turn off autoparty from the main menu in MultiVersus. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be free from the shackles of this feature.

  • Go to the settings from the main menu. They are on the left side of the screen, displayed as a gear icon
  • From here, go to the tab "Online/Legal"
  • The first option in the menu should say "Autoparty With Teammate". Uncheck the box
  • Close the settings menu

That's it! You now don't have to worry about being automatically partied up with strangers online anymore. Now go out, kick some ass in MultiVersus and check out our other coverage on the game!