New Horizon Forbidden West DLC Confirms Aloy Is Queer

The recently released Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC has just revealed a detail about Aloy, that many fans have been manifesting and waiting for for years.

Aloy is queer
Horizon Forbidden West DLC confirms that Aloy is queer | © Guerrilla

The new Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC has just been released on April 19, and has already excited many fans. The Burning Shores DLC invites players to embark on a thrilling and immersive journey through the exotic landscapes of the Forbidden West and a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. It's epic, there's a bunch more content to explore, it has an amazing story, and most importantly: it finally confirms an exciting detail about Aloy.

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Horizon Forbidden West DLC Has Outed Aloy

Aloy is one of the strongest female gaming characters we know. She is independent and cunning, but also sensitive and profound. We all love her. In her storyline through Horizon: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, her love life has been hinted at a few times. One or two side characters have shown interest in her, and we can't blame them. But until now, Aloy has never really gone into these things and fans have become really curious about her sexuality.

If you haven't played the DLC yet, this next part is probably going to include some spoilers. But since you clicked on this article, you obviously want to know what's going on, so I'll try to keep it general.

Without giving away too much of the DLC storyline: Aloy will encounter a girl named Seyka and both of them will spend a lot of time together throughout the story and rely on each other's help in many situations. And who would have thought: There is one particular romantic scene between the two... I'm not going to say what exactly happens... but there certainly is some action :)

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You can watch the full scene here, if you're curious:

While ultimately it shouldn't matter whether or not Aloy is queer, it is a positive step forward to see this kind of representation in modern video games.

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