Hogwarts Legacy Most Successful Single Player Game Ever

According to the Warner Bros. Senior Global Brand Manager, Hogwarts Legacy sold 256% more than predicted and is probably the most successful single player game ever.

Hogwarts Legacy Mobile
Apparently, Hogwarts Legacy is the most successful single player game ever. | © Warner Bros.

While Hogwarts Legacy did spark a huge discussion online, whether it was okay to buy and thus support J.K. Rowling, it still was a very good and apparently also crazy successful game. Even though, we already had a bunch of Harry Potter games in the past, Hogwarts Legacy was a dream come true for a lot of Harry Potter fans.

Now, thanks to a LinkedIn Post by Warner Bros. Senior Global Brand Manager Arien Darby, we know just how successful Hogwarts Legacy really was.

Hogwarts Legacy Sold 256% More Than Predicted

In the profile description of Arien Darby on LinkedIn, the Warner Bros. employee states the following:

Hogwarts Legacy (2023): Achieved 256% to plan sell-thru at launch and exceeded 12M units in sales in first two weeks earning $850M+, secured additional 1.8B impressions through a WBD gaming 1st of its kind Fusion program, and broke all-time Twitch record for most peak concurrent viewers ever for a single player game with 1.3M views.

Those are some pretty impressive numbers and they become even more impressive if we take into account that the games will still be released for PS4, Xbox One. All the above achievements were reached on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series only. The last gen versions will be released on May 5 and can already be pre-ordered on Amazon.

You want to hear another impressive fact about Hogwarts Legacy? Thanks to Hogwarts Legacy's huge success, the Q1 2023 total video game sales outsold Q1 2022, despite game releases like Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Have you played Hogwarts Legacy or did the whole J.K. Rowling controversy stop you from doing so? We really liked the game, finally we could live our dream of being a student at the popular school of wizardry.

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