New Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer Has Fans Wishing For A New Game

Silent Hill: Ascension is going to be a massively interactive live event in which viewers will determine the outcome of the story. Unfortunately, it isn't a new game for us all to shout at in fear.

Silent Hill Ascension trailer
Silent Hill: Ascension looks incredible, now if only it was an actual game. | © Konami

The Silent Hill series is getting a new spinoff and while it isn't a movie or a game, it does seem pretty interesting. A whole new concept has been developed for this worldwide showing of the series and a new trailer has fans wishing for a new game in the series.

Silent Hill is known for its unique monster designs and insane horror, something which Silent Hill: Ascension all fulfills. The new trailer for the event has fans wishing for another game in the famous series though.

Silent Hill: Ascension Trailer Dropped

On May 30, 2023 the trailer for the massively interactive live event (MILE), Silent Hill: Ascension, dropped and fans are still a bit confused as to what the hell this whole event is even all about, while others just wish this was another game in the series.

It seems that Genvid Technologies, Bad Robot Games and Behavior Interactive, along with Konami have thought of something new to bring everyone closer to Silent Hill once more. In this MILE viewers will be able to influence the story.

One Reddit user explained that the story will be put into episodes with certain playable aspects. When players play they gain points which they can then use to vote on decisions for the overarching story.

Many fans have stated though that Silent Hill: Ascension doesn't feel like a Silent Hill game. Many believe that this event and the story that is being told feels more like something from Dead by Daylight or even just a simple haunted house horror story.

The way the game is being portrayed with the different characters that can be influenced also feels like something from the Dark Pictures Anthology.

One thing is for sure though, this won't be a game like any other, but rather feel like an interactive television series or a movie. Silent Hill: Ascension is set to release in 2023, but an exact release date has not been revealed yet.

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