New Silent Hill Is Finally Being Announced

After many, many leaks and rumors, Konami has finally started talking about a new Silent Hill.

Silent Hill nurse
Finally, official news about a new Silent Hill game. | © Konami

Thank you for the salvation, Konami. After dreadful periods full of leaks, rumors and just endless waiting on any actual news, we are finally getting something from the Japanese publisher. Konami has graced us with the first sign of life of a new Silent Hill game. Finally.

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New Silent Hill Coming Soon

Konami has revealed a website featuring a new Silent Hill logo and the date October 19, 2022. On that day, we will get a so-called "Silent Hill Transmission", which is supposed to reveal "the latest updates for the Silent Hill series". This "transmission" is set to happen at 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EDT / 11 PM CEST.

What will we see there? Silent Hill, of course. Duh. Just joshing you. It's not clear yet, but we expect to see a new Silent Hill game called "The Short Message", which has recently been spotted on the Korean ratings board. Insiders believe this to be a short playable teaser a la P.T., which will be related to a bigger, new project. This new project might be a remake of Silent Hill or Silent Hill 2, or a whole new game in the franchise.

The possibilities are endless, now we at least know that something will definitely come. Stay tuned for October 19, when we will see more of what's coming next for the legendary franchise. Until then, check out the best games coming out this month:

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