Footage Of Next Hideo Kojima Game Leaks Amid Confusing Teasers

Hideo Kojima and his company are brewing something over there, as he keeps teasing with cryptic tweets. Now we might know what that is, as images on the next Hideo Kojima game have leaked.

Margaret Qualley playing Mama in Death Stranding
Actress Margaret Qualley seems to work with Hideo Kojima again for his next game, as was shown in leaks. | © Sony

Hideo Kojima and his young development studio Kojima Productions blessed us with Death Stranding in 2019, and it looks like they have a follow-up cooking up for us. This has not just been teased tirelessly by Kojima himself, no: we also just got a fresh batch of leaks. Let's check it out.

Footage & Images From New Kojima Game Leaked

We don't know what this new game, which Kojima has been teasing for a bit, will be or what it will look like. But we have a better idea now, thanks to multiple leaks. We first saw leaked images from what seems to be Kojima's next game, released by polish publication Known insider Tom Henderson confirmed afterwards, that these leaks match with leaked footage, which he has seen before.

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The leaked images show actress Margaret Qualley, known for her roles in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and The Stars At Noon, in a dark room, wearing a blue dress. The screenshots are very blurry and don't show much more, unfortunately.

Shortly afterwards, a two-minute clip of the game appeared on Streamable. This footage seems to show similar scenes to the images and also features Qualley's character walking through a dark room.

Considering that Qualley was part of Death Stranding in the roles of Mama and Lockne, it seems very likely that this new game, which could be called "Overdose", is related to Kojima's most recent game. That is still mere speculation, though.

Hideo Kojima Keeps Teasing New Game

Kojima-San has recently revealed, that actress Shioli Kutsuna, best known for playing Yukio in Deadpool 2, will join Elle Fanning in being part of his next game. Cool! Even cooler? It looks like we will get another reveal soon, as was teased in typical Kojima fashion, meaning with nonsensical and confusing images and phrases, which don't make too much sense. Will that next reveal show Qualley? Maybe! Who knows! We will find out soon, I'm sure.

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