The Best Forgotten Horror Game Is Playable Again!

Someone has discovered a way to play the legendary horror game P.T. again. This is a cult-classic that everybody thought had been lost to history.

PT Playable Again
Remember this corridor? Yep, it's back! | © Konami

We imagine a great many of you remember the terrifying corridor pictured above. And if it isn't familiar to you then you're probably wondering what's so "terrifying" about it. This corridor is from a 2014 demo called P.T., which was made by Kojima. The demo itself became an instant hit, and was widely talked about as the scariest experience ever created in a video game. We were all eagerly awaiting the full release of the mysterious game Silent Hills, which P.T. was a teaser for.

But Silent Hills was never released. The project was cancelled, and all we had was the demo to remind us of what could have been. The demo itself was eventually removed from the store and only those who had originally downloaded it on their PS4s could still play. The P.T. demo has reached cult-status in the intervening years, but unfortunately, very few people still have access to it. Or so we thought.

P.T. Now Playable On PS5

People recently discovered how to jailbreak the PS5, which essentially means they hacked it to allow unverified programs to be installed. And shortly after that development, the P.T. demo re-emerged online as a downloadable program that could be transferred to jailbroken PS5s. But now it's not only jailbroken PS5s that can play the P.T. demo, it's also regular PS5s:

We don't agree with the sentiment that Konami can "eat sh*t", but we are excited. This really was an incredible experience, an absolute masterclass in how to do horror games. Of course, it begs the questions, why they never released the full Silent Hills game? But this far into the future we probably have to accept that it's never going to happen.

Good luck trying to play P.T., we can't show you how (for obvious reasons), but at least you know it's possible.

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