Single-Player Horror Game Based On 'Aliens' In The Works

A new single-player Action Horror Game is in the works, and it's based on the film 'Aliens'. Here is everything you need to know about it

Aliens Game
A horror game based on Aliens is in the works! | © Survios

If you grew up with the science fiction horror and action media franchise back in the day, or watched the Aliens movies recently, you'd better put the controller away and sit down. Drum roll please... an action horror game based on the movie 'Aliens' is in the works! Here is what we know about the upcoming title so far.

Aliens Horror Game In Development

To be honest, not much information about the upcoming game has surfaced on the Internet yet. At least we know that it is based on the movie "Aliens" and that the developers Survios are working together with 20th Century Games.

By looking at the official website, we can learn that the single-player action horror game is being created using Unreal Engine 5. We expect an intense and beautiful looking piece of art – sadly, no gameplay trailers or teasers have been revealed so far. Here's what Survios have to say about their Aliens game:

This new Aliens game will feature an original storyline, set between the Alien and Aliens films, where a battle hardened veteran has a vendetta against the Xenomorphs.

In order to create a game that does justice to the Aliens universe, the developers are relying on "Survios’ expertise in creating immersive and authentic gaming experiences". Let's hope they succeed, because slaughtering aliens – Dead Space style – is always quite fun.

We'll get some new information at Sun Diego Comic Con, which will be held on July 21, 2022. There, the currently unnamed project is part of the "Alien: Expanding a Dark and Frightening Universe" panel.