Football Star Neymar Banned From Twitch

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Neymar's Twitch streaming career has encountered a setback. (Image credit: Neymar via Twitter)

More and more Twitch streamers are being hit with DMCA claims these days. That's the reason for football star Neymar's ban from the platform. Or is it? Could the reason be the publication of a private mobile number?

Many streamers on Twitch have been blocked or their videos deleted because of DMCA violations, i.e. playing unlicensed music during a stream. The current wave of bans has attracted a lot of criticism as Twitch blocks and deletes streams without a detailed explanation and does not provide any tools to find out which videos violate the guidelines.

The latest case of such a ban is that of Paris Saint-Germain striker and Brazilian international Neymar.

The football megastar has been known for playing and streaming video games for a while. He mostly shows up in CS:GO lobbies and is not even that bad at it, especially for someone racking up millions of dollars with a sports career. A new career post-football maybe?

Back to reality now. Neymar has taken his talents to Twitch where he streams from time to time. He won't be able to do that for a while though, because his profile has been banned from the site. The most likely reason is the mentioned DMCA claim as he has been caught playing music during streams multiple times.

There is another, more unique possible explanation.

In mid-October Neymar, more or less accidentally, published the private mobile phone number of his national teammate Richarlison in one of his streams. He held his mobile phone into the camera during the live stream to show that he was calling Richarlison at that moment, with the latter's number clearly visible to all viewers. Richarlison even "thanked" Neymar ironically on Twitter for the more than 10,000 messages he received within 5 minutes:

Publishing private information, such as telephone numbers, addresses, and the like is against Twitch's terms of use and community guidelines and could therefore also be a reason for blocking. Especially considering that the recording of the stream was never deleted by Neymar.

We don't know and probably won't know what the real reason is, but the effect is the same. Even the biggest superstars are powerless against the mighty Twitch ban.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.