Finally! A Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date!

Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date
4k Nintendo Switch Coming Soon? (Credit: Nintendo)

At last, some proof of a Nintendo Switch Pro release date has just surfaced! A new report on a release of a new model of the Nintendo Switch indicates that the release date is sooner than you think! Let’s look at the details of this new report.

The Nintendo Switch Pro is not new news and is more rumor than reality. That is until now, a report by Bloomberg has indirectly revealed that a Nintendo Switch pro could be released very soon.

We are not talking about the supposed OLED display with a higher resolution or updated internal components, an actual freaking release date. As a part of an E3 presentation set for June, the Bloomberg source claims the release date is later this year.

When Is the Switch Pro’s Release Date?

According to the Bloomberg report, the Switch Pro should drop somewhere between October and December of 2021. To add more credence to this claim, Nintendo insider Emily Rogers claims an official release date announcement is “imminent” on her Twitter account and she has often proven to be correct with Nintendo rumors.

However, a well-informed gamer may be aware of the ongoing global semiconductor shortage as this has directly impacted the production of more PS5’s as announced by Sony. You might be asking, why do we bring up PS5 in a Nintendo article?

Well if you haven’t put two and two together yet, the number of Switch Pros produced will be small and therefore sell out even quicker than PS5 did! Getting your hands on a Switch Pro will be harder than playing Zelda: A Link to the Past blindfolded with only your feet with the sound turned off! But I'm sure there is a speedrunner that could prove me wrong!

Well maybe it won't be that hard, but you get the point, any tiny detail about the Switch Pro’s release date should be monitored closely if you want to stand a chance on getting your hands on one.

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