Nintendo Confirms No New Switch Models Planned!

Nintendo oled cash grab
Nintendo address OLED Drama. | © Epic Games

In a tweet, Nintendo outright admits that no upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch will be released. Switch Pro dreams have been rumored among fans and gamers but these dreams have been dashed. Nintendo only plans to release the Nintendo OLED Model for Switch and nothing else. Nintendo denies claims that Switch OLED was a cash grab.

Nintendo has received massive amounts of backlash from gamers and Nintendo fans alike. Reports showed that the OLED Switch only cost $10 more to make, but Nintendo charged upwards of $50 more to the customer. This garnered a lot of criticism and leads many to believe the OLED was a cash grab to silent investors at Nintendo.

Nintendo is a dinosaur in the gaming industry to even see them tweet is like spotting a Charizard in Oak town or Mario encountering Bowser in stage 1-1. They clumsy deliver some corporate speak which basically equates to investors please be patience our fans will buy anything we make and slap our logo on.

Nintendo is not doing any favors to themselves and this tweet nearly admits that the OLED was a cash grab, they even mention investors and profits in the same breath as fans.

Nintendo is trying really hard to deny the claims that the OLED Switch was not a cash grab, but also do hesitate to plug the October release date of the OLED in the same tweet. We covered everything you need to know about the OLED.

Bloomberg Bashes Nintendo Over OLED Price

Nintendo is of course responding to a Bloomberg article that lambasted Nintendo for re-releasing the Switch with a slightly better screen and charging $50 more for something that only cost $10.

What’s even less understandable than Nintenod's carefully crafted corporate tweet, is the bomb they dropped in that no new Switch models are planned. Of course, this doesn’t rule out the chance of a Switch Pro completely, but it seems very far from a reality.

All of this is coming off the potential Switch killer, The Steam Deck created by Valve, which has received mostly praise so far. However, it has yet to be seen if we can hold or fit this behemoth of mobile gaming in our hands as it looks pretty big for a mobile gaming device.

You can still pre-order an OLED if you are still a Nintendo fan!

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