Overwatch 2 BFO – Get Legendary Winged Victory Mercy Skin For Free

The Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event has started and players now have the opportunity to get some pretty neat rewards, such as a legendary Marcy skin, for free.

Overwatch2 winged victory mercy
Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event offers a legendary Mercy skin for free | © Blizzard Entertainment

The brand-new Overwatch 2 event, Battle for Olympus has started and already offers some really cool rewards, which you can claim without spending a penny of your hard-earned money. Overwatch 2 skins are expensive, and compared to the original game, pretty hard to get for free. So the one thing players kept requesting over the past few months was some play-to-earn content. Luckily, Blizzard granted us this wish and opened the doors that lead behind the paywall.

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Overwatch 2 BFO – Get Free Legendary Mercy Skin And More

In Overwatch 2, the Winged Victory Mercy Skin is honestly one of the most beautiful skins in the whole game. Normally players would have to pay a fortune to get it, but thanks to the current Battle for Olympus event, it is now available for free and all you have to do is complete challenges! But that's not all, the new event also has some other rewards up its sleeves, that you can earn just by playing the game. Wow, it really feels like the good ol' days, doesn't it?

How to get Winged Victory Mercy skin for free

The Battle for Olympus event offers a total of 18 challenges for the BFO game mode. By completing these challenges until the end of the event on January 19, you can unlock rewards such as cool player titles, voice lines, and of course the legendary Mercy skin.

To get the Winged Victory Mercy skin, you only have to complete six of the 18 event challenges. To get a glimpse of what awaits you, we have collected all 18 event challenges right here!

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Battleforolympus overwatch2
Get free rewards for completing challenges in Overwatch 2 BFO | © Blizzard Entertainment

All Battle for Olympus event challenges

Winged VictoryComplete 6 challenges in Battle for OlympusWinged Victory Mercy
Olympian ChampionWin 10 Games in BFO5000 Battle Pass XP
Blessing of HephaestusPick up 20 overhealth power ups500 Battle Pass XP
Nectar of the GodsPick up 5 ultimate charge power ups500 Battle Pass XP
Pride of PoseidonEarn 300 final blows as Poseidon RamattraPride of Poseidon – Player Title
Zeus's favorite ChildEarn 300 final blows as Zeus Junker QueenZeus's favorite Child – Player Title
Master of MinotaursEarn 300 final blows as Minotaur ReinhardtMaster of Minotaurs – Player Title

Scion of Cyclops

Earn 300 final blows as Cyclops RoadhogScion of Cyclops – Player Title
Sentinel of Hades

Earn 300 final blows as Hades Pharah

Sentinel of Hades – Player Title
Acolyte of MedusaEarn 300 final blows as Medusa WidowmakerAcolyte of Medusa – Player Title
Herald of HermesEarn 300 final blows as Hermes LucioHerald of Hermes – Player Title
Voice of Poseidon

Earn 25 final blows with Poseidon Ramattra during his ultimate

Free the kraken – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of ZeusEarn 25 final blows with Zeus Junker Queen during her ultimateStruck like lightning – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of the MinotaurEarn 25 final blows with Minotaur Reinhardt during his ultimateMinotaur power – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of the CyclopsEarn 25 final blows with Cyclops Roadhog during his ultimateMy eye – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of HadesEarn 25 final blows as Hades Pharah during her ultimateEternal flames – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of MedusaEarn 25 final blows with Medusa Widowmaker during her ultimateYour own gravestone – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP
Voice of HermesEarn 25 final blows with Hermes Lucio during his ultimateThe god of speed – Voice Line & 1000 Battle Pass XP

Now, what are you waiting for? Go and get some free stuff as long as you can!

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