Overwatch 2 Gets Huge Monetization Update In Season 3 – Legacy Credits Are Back

Overwatch 2 is about to get a huge monetization update soon. Fans have been complaining about the high prices for skins, but now things finally seem to be changing in terms of free content in the game.

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Overwatch 2 Monetization Coming In Update In Season 3 | © Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch fans listen up! There is a massive update for monetization coming to Overwatch 2 season 3. We all have been devastated by the insane prices of skins and cosmetics in the game, but now we can look forward to some neat changes soon.

Hopefully, this upcoming update is going to fix the biggest problem, that Overwatch 2 has had from the start, which is the missing feeling of being rewarded for playing. I'm excited and you should be too, here is everything we can expect in terms of free Credits in season 3:

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Overwatch 2 Monetization Update For Season 3

In a recent blog post, Blizzard shared their perspective on Season 2 and how things went. They also spoke about their plans for the future and how they will address certain issues, that players have with the game, including the lack of free rewards.

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Legacy Credits As Free Rewards

Back in Overwatch 1, players could earn Legacy Credits for free and use them to buy skins. However, with the launch of Overwatch 2, credits were abolished... This means that you could still spend the credits you had in OW1, but you could no longer earn new ones.

Luckily, that's going to change in season 3. A new monetization update is going to give players the chance to earn Legacy Credits for free. There will be a total of 1500 Credits available in the season 3 battle pass and an additional 500 if you possess the premium version.

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Legendary Skin Prices Reduced

We will be able to spend legacy credits on Overwatch 1 skins, which will now be available for purchase in the Hero Gallery at all times, even including event skins.

The standard price for legendary Overwatch 1 skins is going to be lowered to 1500 credits or coins, meaning that you could earn one free legendary skin of your choice every season. Of course, you'd have to grind through the battle pass like a maniac, but who cares? This update is the most accommodating thing Blizzard has done for us since launch. Let's be happy about it for once...

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