Overwatch 2 Changes Competitive Mode For "more clarity in the system"

The Overwatch 2 Competitive mode will get updated in Season 3. In a recent blog post, Blizzard shared more details about how they're going to solve issues with the matchmaking.

Overwatch2 competitive
Overwatch 2 competitive mode will be changed in season 3. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Since Overwatch 2 came out in fall of 2022, the competitive mode has been a major point of criticism for many fans. The matchmaking is unbalanced and players feel like their competitive rank doesn't represent their skills. Here is how Aaron Keller addressed the fans' issues and why we think it's problematic.

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Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode Update Coming For Season 3

In a recent blog post, Aaron Keller responds to the biggest disputes that fans have with Overwatch 2. One of them is the way they implemented the competitive mode since it's release in 2022.

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He says that many players are uncertain about the correlation between their rank and their skill, complain about situations in which the team composition in rank games has felt unbalanced and they have ended up in matches with players of other ranks.

To give the whole competitive system more clarity in how the matchmaking works, Blizzard will make some changes in an update for season 3.

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Neither Aaron Keller nor Blizzard have ever admitted that the competitive mode has failed in certain aspects, but have simply dismissed the blame and claimed that players have misunderstood the system.

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Whether this update will actually fix the problems we have with the game mode is unclear, but it would certainly help if Blizzard would just own up to their mistakes for once.

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