Overwatch 2 Season 3 New Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko Skin Revealed

Blizzard just revealed the new Mythic Skin for Season 3 of Overwatch 2 and it looks amazing! Here is how it looks and how to unlock it.

Overwatch2 kiriko
Overwatch 2 Season 3 Mythic Skin for Kiriko revealed | © Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Season 3 is on the way and about to launch in a few days. Every season in Overwatch 2 is going to have one new Mythic Skin for a selected hero, and this time around Kiriko is the lucky one.

The Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko Skin looks amazing, see here how to unlock it:

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Overwatch 2: New Mythic Skin For Season 3

Before we even got the trailer for season 3, Blizzard just revealed the next Mythic Skin.After Genji and Junker Queen got one in the last seasons, the next one is going to be for Kiriko!

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Considering she's one of the new Overwatch 2 heroes, and a pretty popular one at that, it only makes sense that she'd be blessed with this special skin. This new look really suits her, check it out:

The Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko Skin is based on the goddess of the sun in Japanese mythology, Amaterasu Ōmikami.

The skin is really stunning and I love how Blizzard is incorporating parts of Kiriko's heritage into her design, both in the skins and the abilities.

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How To Unlock The Mythic Amaterasu Kiriko Skin

As always, Season 3 will feature a brand new Battle Pass with new tier rewards. The new Mythic Skin of each season will be placed on the last tier of the Premium Battle Pass, which means you'll have to grind to level 80 of the Battle Pass to get this skin.

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Did you know that the season 3 battle pass is going to be different than before in terms of free rewards?

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