Finally an Official Update on Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is highly anticipated, but little is known about it. Well, now we finally have something official.

Perfect dark update
Still looks perfect. | © Matthew Hart Jodark

So by now you've probably heard of the Perfect Dark remake, which is eagerly awaited by fans. But, unfortunately, hearing about it and knowing anything about it are two different things entirely, The only thing we really know is that the remake is happening and that the studio responsible, The Initiative, is made up of only veterans, which is why Xbox officially refers to the remake as a "AAAA game" - yes, that's four As. As for what that means, your guess is as good as mine, because... we haven't heard a peep about the game. Until now...

Insider Gives Perfect Dark Update

The insider in question is Matt Booty, and I will not allow any jokes or snickering - the man's name is what it is. Here's what Mr. Booty had to say:

How we make games is evolving. The idea of a single team under one roof really doesn't happen that often anymore. I'll use an example – our Perfect Dark team down in Santa Monica, The Initiative. So, we just did this big partnership with Crystal Dynamics, and I read online, 'oh, this must mean there's a problem or something' – it's quite the opposite, right? You've got this veteran team at Crystal Dynamics, a big AAA team with over 100 people that becomes available. Of course we want to work with them, particularly if they've made a game like that before.

It's not much, but it's something. At least it confirms that Perfect Dark actually has people working on it, rather than us simply assuming that it does. Since this is already big news as far as Perfect Dark is concerned, it won't surprise you that we don't have a release date, nor anything else really. So... when this one releases along with those other Xbox exclusives like Fable, Avowed, and The Elder Scrolls VI... well we'll be in for something... whenever that's going to be.