PlayStation 5: Battery Life of the DualSense Controller Revealed

Ps5 dualsense controller
How long does the DualSense battery last? (Image Credit: Sony)

The PlayStation 5 controller DualSense with its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is one of the coolest features of Sony's next-gen console. Now the approximate battery life of the gamepad is also clear.

Triggers that react to game events, feedback that enhances the gaming experience: The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller has already been showered with praise for its innovative features before the console was even released. Now the DualSense battery life is finally known, and it's quite impressive. At least most of the time.

This is How Long the Battery of the DualSense Controller Lasts

The older models of the PS4 gamepad DualShock 4 ran out of breath pretty fast. While the hardware revision lasted longer with a larger battery, some fears about the successor DualSense arose in the run-up to the PS5 release.

With all the new features and functions, does the gamepad have to be reconnected to the power cable within a few hours? Not always.

According to consistent media reports, the battery life of the DualSense controller is said to be up to 15 hours. However, the playtime varies depending on which game you are playing and how intensively it uses the features.

Astro's Playroom for example - which was designed as a showcase of the controller's capabilities - is much more power-hungry than Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In the jump-and-run, the gamepad runs out of breath after less than five hours, while the Marvel hero lasts for almost ten hours.

Playstation 5
Image Credit: Sony

If desired, the new DualSense functions such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback can even be deactivated. Of course, this increases battery life significantly. However, you're missing out on what is probably the most exciting innovation that PlayStation 5 has to offer. In the ultimate PS5 FAQ, Sony has also revealed in the PlayStation blog how long it takes to recharge the DualSense controller fully. When connected to the PS5 console or the controller charging station, it takes about three hours until the battery is fully charged again.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.