PS Plus Games August: Confirmed and Disappointing... Mostly

PS Plus Games August 2021
Tekken 7 and Hunter's Arena? Not too shabby... no too shabby at all. | © Tekken, Hunter's Arena

The free PS Plus Games are a hot topic in the beginning of every month, and thus we give you our PS Plus Games for August prediction: What will the PlayStation store cook up for PlayStation Plus owners this August? Let's speculate.

Last month we got a terrible PS Plus offering: An old Call of Duty? WWE 2K Battlegrounds? Yeah, no... thanks. Plague Tale Innocence was a great game though, but that was reserved to PS5 only, so a lot of gamers didn't get to enjoy that one.

Will August be any better? Well we have one PS Plus game for August confirmed already, and we can speculate on the rest. Let's get to it...

UPDATE: All PS Plus Games for August have now been leaked by Sony. The leak on their official website has since been taken down, but the internet never forgets. Thus, the following is not a drill – these are the free games we will get with PS Plus this August:

Free PlayStation Plus Games for August

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

This is one of those games that feels like it's been free before, but that's only because Plants vs Zombies has infested just about every system there is. That doesn't mean the games are bad though – they're on so many platforms for a reason. This particular entry to the series is a team-shooter, and it's actually a solid game. Not great... but solid. If you've heard of the Plants vs Zombies series but never got into because you're broke as all Seven Hells... well, now's your chance. Also, if you don't know what the game is about, here's your education:

Tennis World Tour 2

It's not the Top Spin 4 follow up we deserve, but it's the game we got. It's the Tennis game we make do with. Don't ask us why we can't connect to the heights of Top Spin 4, but for some reason the gaming Tennis gods just don't seem willing... Anyway, there is a reason this game only has 56% on Metacritics. Tennis fans might get a kick out of downloading Tennis World Tour 2 for free. Maybe. Just try it... it's free anyway and here's some gameplay:

Confirmed: Hunter's Arena – Legends

Ah... my time has come. Shooter battle royales have always been so... unrefined. The true mettle of a man is tested in melee combat. Up close and personal... that's where it's at. It's actually quite surprising that it has taken this long for some melee battle royale with good combat to pop up, but better late than never. In fact, we are getting two of melee battle royales next month: Bladepoint Naraka is dropping too (August 13, I think, but don't nail me to that), but it won't be free, unlike Hunter's Arena.

Will the games actually be good? How the hell would I know. I'm just happy the game is dropping for free, and I can stunt on all my shooter friends that know nothing about the finer arts of combat.

Again: This one is confirmed and not a rumor.

Our Old Predictions – In case you are curious about how wrong we were:

Tekken 7

I mean, why not? Seriously. Street Fighter V was free. Virtua Fighter was free. Soul Calibur... was Soul Calibur free? Was SFV even free? I'm not sure, but my point is: Who's still gonna buy Tekken now? Plus, the game is $10 bucks. That's basically free. With Evo being months away, now is the time to get people interested in your game. Bandai Namco, this is the move to make.

The Olympics 2020

Come on... what better time than to drop this game just before the Olympics. Realistically, this game only has the tiniest window of opportunity for being relevant and a PS Plus offering is the way to get as many people on the game as possible. No one is really gonna buy this after the Olympics, and no one expects this to be good. Still, as a free game to go along with watching people be more athletic than you... I'll take it.


Well, well, well... we predicted this one in June already. Then we predicted it in July, and I'll be damned if I'll stop until they realize this game has to be free. No one is buying Godfall. This is your saving grace. Get it out there. Give us the good stuff. For free.


World War Z or Uncharted: Lost Legacy

World War Z just because... I can feel it in my tinglies. As for Lost Legacy... well, there were rumors that it was coming to PS Plus last month. Obviously, that didn't happen. It would still make sense for Naughty Dog, though, since everybody that was gonna buy the game already has it and those who haven't bought, might just get their top blown when playing it and end up buying all the Uncharteds.

Makes sense? Of course, it does. Here are videos for both these games:

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