Leak: Pokémon Arceus Graphics Will Get Huge Boost on Switch Pro

Pokemon Arceus Switch Pro Graphics
What Pokemon Arceus could be. And should be. (Credit: _Z3D_)

The Pokémon Arceus graphics will get a huge graphics boost on the Nintendo Switch Pro. That is, if we are to believe the latest Nintendo leak. Apparently we can expect a serious Pokémon Arceus reveal at E3.

Remember when you made fun of the Pokémon Arceus graphics because they looked so terrible? Remember when you were ranting about how it looks like Breath of the Wild, but worse? Remember when you said it is not acceptable for a Pokémon game to look like this in 2021? That it is all hype, no substance?

Yeah, you don't remember that, because it was all me and I stand by it. Insert steamy-nosed emoji.

Now, it seems I'm about to fall flat on my face, because of this following headline:

Pokemon Arceus Graphics Upgraded for Nintendo Switch Pro

  • The game will run much better on the Nintendo Switch Pro
  • Pokémon Arceus will have better graphics and higher FPS on the Switch Pro
  • The game will take full advantage of the stronger hardware

If you're wondering about the Pokémon Arceus release date - here you go, boo: Pokémon Legends Arceus Release Date

Did I just say the same thing about the Pokémon Arceus graphics in three different bullet points? Maybe. Do I regret it? A little, but you know I'd do it again, because that's all I really have on this. Here is the original leaker saying the exact same thing in a Tweet:

Now, if Centro LEAKS is not familiar to you, then don't sweat the credibility: They leak everything there is to know about Nintendo and they are usually right. If you wanna dive into another one of their leaks that is probably right, click away:

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