The Open World Co-Op Power Ranger Game We Never Got

Power Rangers Open World
So the Power Rangers are basically Iron Man now. | © Kelton Cram

So, get this: A Triple-A, open-world, co-op, Arkham-Style Power Rangers game was in development and then got canceled – no 'Project Nomad' for us.

You know, I always used to think the Power Rangers are lame but have so much potential. Like, seriously, a lot of potential. Just think about how Iron Man was basically an unknown before the MCU.

Apparently, I'm not the only one thinking that, because it was revealed that a Power Rangers game was in development that – and I quote – would have been "basically 'Arkham' Rangers... or Gotham Knights 5 years before Gotham Knight's announcement."

Uh.... what? Why would you ever cancel that?

Why the Power Rangers Game Project Nomad Was Canceled

"Sadly, with so much circulating through the studio at the time, there was no bandwidth or budget to support. What I did have, however, was an invaluable 'blessing' to independently explore... and explore I did!"

If you wanna see the lengths that the game was explored to, well... we do have a Tweet for you:

It's really a whole thread, and you can just scroll on through by following that Twitter link, but one thing must not go missing, so I'll drop another Tweet for this:

A fire-spewing T-Rex, in an open-world, AAA, co-op Power Rangers game with combat like the Arkham games? Oh, the possibilities... maybe someone will see this and pick it up, who knows. Anybody good on that Dreams PlayStation game, who wants to give this a go? How about that guy building that insane Avatar game in Dreams? Can somebody hit him up? I'd play:

Lastly, can I also note that I love how the Power Rangers are seemingly powered by Stark Industries now? I'm not the only one who sees that, right?

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