RDR2 Getting New Single-Player Missions & Character Creator

Rockstar might be done with Red Dead Redemption 2, but the game is still far from dead: More single-player missions will be added soon.

Red dead redemption tv
Welcome back, Arthur. | © Rockstar

So, Rockstar shut down Read Dead Online, and they are no longer porting any Red Dead to the newer consoles, but you think the fanbase is just going to accept that? Hell, nah. Dedicated fans have taken matters into their own hands, and now we are getting entirely new single-player content in Red Dead Redemption, because... What Is Dead May Never Die. Right?

New Single-Player & Character Creator for RDR2

The super ambitious mod is in the hands of CruelMasterMC, who is dedicated to bringing completely new single-player missions to the campaign. As if that weren't enough, CruelMasterMC, the mad man, is throwing a custom character creator on top. You hear that? Yeah, that's all of our Read Dead Redemption 2 wishes coming true. Oh, you hear that? Yeah, that's console players weeping, because this is, of course, a PC-only mod-affair. Sawry.

The mod is said to add a full story, including cutscenes and voice-acting. Now, don't go asking me how anyone is going to emulate the absolutely impeccable voice-acting from Red Dead Redemption 2, but... I'm here for it. Will this hold up to the standard that the original game set, or just feel like a cheap tack-on? Will Rockstar come down with the censorship hammer and ban the content? It's all possible, but I can't think straight right now, because I can't think beyond the idea of possibly getting Arthur back in my life.