Max Payne Is Getting an Unreal Engine 5 Remaster

Max Payne is a cult-classic and there's a reason why we all want the franchise to come back. Now... we're getting our first glimpse at an Unreal Engine 5 remaster.

Max payne unreal engine 5
Looking good, Max. | © Rockstar

Max Payne was amazing back in the day: We were all too young to play it, but all of us played it. We either traded the game, or borrowed it or got illegal copies if we had to - it didn't matter. One way or another, everyone I knew played Max Payne. Then... the hype faded. And now... it's getting a resurgence. We wrote about Max Payne remasters in the past, but none have yet come to pass, and Rockstar is more busy scrapping games than making them. In fact, the rumored Max Payne Remaster is in the hands of the Control devs, but since they are not giving us any teaser, some fans took that task upon themselves, and... they delivered:

Holy graphics, Batman. I swear... Unreal Engine 5 never fails to deliver. Of course, the trailer above is fan-made, and not necessarily what we're going to get officially, but it sure sets the bar high for the official remake that's in the hands of Remedy Entertainment.

The ones responsible for the showcase above are TeaserPlay, who have yet to reveal whether this will ever become playable. All they really gave us, was this quote, and a whole lot of blue balls:

We tried to provide an overview of the gameplay and possible graphics using Unreal Engine 5 [to] determine the level of expectations of us and the fans from the final version.