Red Dead Redemption Actor Talks About Remake

The man who brought John Marston to life has now addressed the rumors regarding the much desired Red Dead Redemption remake.

Red Dead Redemption Remaster Coming
Is there still hope? | © Rockstar

As far as the Red Dead Redemption remake is concerned, it long seemed like the writing was on the wall: Rockstar officially confirmed, that they will focus on GTA 6 for the foreseeable future. But, that doesn't mean we've given up home. Besides, if anyone enjoys a little bit of misdirection, it's Rockstar.

John Marston Actor Talks About RDR Remake

The man, the myth, the legend himself: Rob Wiethoff has been bringing John Marston to life since 2010, and since just a couple years after, everybody wanted RDR to get a remake, and it's never been in higher demand than now. After all, Red Dead Redemption 2 is now four years old and still one of the best games out there. The common thinking is that a remastered Red Dead Redemption will be just as good.

Though Rockstar is telling us not to get our hopes up... we have our hopes up, so when we hear that Rob Wiethoff is addressing the RDR remake rumors in an interview... well, we listen:

I would love for it to happen. I don't know. I would love an opportunity to work with [Rockstar Games] again, whether it be remastering something or something totally different, I don't know. I can't really say enough good things about Rockstar. If they do that, great, that would be awesome.

I don't hear a definite no, but I also don't hear anything remotely close to confirmation. Still I'll take that as a sign that the door on Red Dead Remption 1 getting a remake is not entirely closed, meaning... I can get my hopes up again.