Resident Evil 4 Spinel Guide

Spinel is different in the remake than in the original Resident Evil 4. In the remake it is a special kind of currency. We’ll show you everything you need to know

RE4 Merchant
Resident Evil 4 Spinel guide. | © Capcom

The Resident Evil 4 remake takes pretty much everything from the original and changes it to some degree. This even applies to the tiniest elements like Spinel. Where in the original, this was just a type of gem, Spinel is now a special currency, which you can use to get certain items. We will show you everything you need to know about this mechanic.

Resident Evil 4 Spinel Explained

In the RE4 remake, you can use Spinel to trade for special items at the Merchant’s shop. When you enter the shop, choose the bottom option “Trade” to see what the Merchant has to offer for your rare gems. And the selection is class: weapons, a yellow herb, treasure maps and more awesome things are available exclusively here.

We definitely recommend the herb and the maps, which reveal all treasures per region per map. But: don’t go spending your Spinel willy-nilly. Some of the later items, like tickets that instantly unlock a weapon’s exclusive upgrade, are pretty expensive. We recommend saving up those gems and not instantly spending all of 'em, except for the maps.

How To Get Spinel

There are two ways to acquire these pink balls of fun. You can find them in-game, but this happens very rarely. In our first play through, we only find four during exploration. The main way to earn Spinel is by fulfilling requests, the new side quests in the remake.

Each fulfilled request will reward you with a different number of Spinel. Almost all of them are easy to do, so make sure to pick up the blue sheets when you see them and quickly finish the requests. It’s very much worth it.