Sony Is Finally Bringing Its Best Shooter Franchise to the PS5

Resistance was a great franchise, but, for some reason, a franchise long forgotten. This changes now.
Resistance ps5
Maybe we'll eventually get a brand-new Resistance... | © Insomniac

If you're not familiar with Resistance, I don't blame you. The last release was back in 2012, so a decade has gone by since Resistance was relevant, but, once upon time, Resistance was Insomniac's best game. Yup, the developers behind all the Marvel games and Ratcher & Clank, used to make dark, gritty end-of-the-world shooters. Unfortunately, due to the dawn of multiplayer shooters dominating over story-based shooters, Resistance soon fell int obscurity... until now.

Resistance Retribution Is coming to PS5

One of the last Resistance games to be released was Resistance Retribution for the PSP. Now, Gematsu reports that this very game is the one to be ported to the PS5. They know this, thanks to the Korean ratings boaard rating the game. Now the question is, whether this will be an old-school addition to the new PS Plus service, or a full-on remake or remaster. We do know that Insomniac is working on a multiplayer game, so that could easily be connected to Resistance coming to PS5.

For now, all we can do is speculate, but I still remember playing the first Resistance, way back when, and just going at it couch co-op with one of my best friends. Those were the times, and if Insomniac is somehow bringing those times back... well, I know who to call.