Rockstar Insider Leaks Announcement: Is This Bully 2?

An industry-insider has leaked the news that a Rockstar announcement is coming very soon. The "new project" could be many things, but all evidence points to Bully 2...
Bully 2 reveal
How can you make a game like Bully in this climate? | © Rockstar
Whenever Rockstar announce anything it's huge. Could this be about the GTA 6 setting? Could it be about the rumored wokeness that we might see coming to GTA? Or maybe it concerns the Red Dead Redemption remake? As we said, it could be anything. And whatever it is, it will break the internet. But the upcoming announcement, which was recently leaked by an insider, concerns a "new project"...

Rockstar Insider Claims Big Announcement Inbound

A known Rockstar insider, who has been proven right in the past, has claimed that Rockstar are preparing to make a big announcement soon, and it concerns a new project. Here's exactly what the insider shared on Twitter:

And for those who don't speak French, the translation:

Obviously, an announcement is being prepared. I don't know yet when, or what it will concern, but it will mention "a new project". It will happen relatively soon.

Obviously, this could be anything. Hell, it could even be a new battle royale, because lord knows we're certainly getting yet more of those this year. But given the recent leaks concerning a Bully 2, we think it's most likely going to be this project that Rockstar announce soon. In fact, we should have already seen a reveal for Bully 2 last year, according to rumors, but that was delayed at the time. So it seems to be by far the most likely candidate of all possible "new projects".

We'll update you as soon as we hear the announcement. Until then, why not check out GTA's low-budget-but-still-amazing cousin?