Saints Row Reboot: Release Date, Story, Gameplay | Everything You Need To Know

Saints Row is back after a few years without a mainline title. Can the bonkers crime game harken back to old strengths? What will we get to experience in the upcoming game, and when will it be released? Find out all of that and more in this article.

Saints row release date platforms co op
Saints Row is back with a reboot featuring a new setting and new characters and the familiar wackiness. | © Deep Silver

The next Saints Row is coming. It has been almost a decade since 2013's Saints Row 4, the last mainline game in the long-running series. After a long break, the competitor to GTA is back with not just a new title, but a whole reboot of sorts. The game, which is again developed by Volition, is not just dropping any kind of subtitle, it also comes with a whole new city and cast of characters.

What else does the game promise in terms of story and gameplay? What do we know ahead of release, and when is Saints Row coming out? We will answer all these questions, and we have even more for you, including a way to try out the game early.

Saints Row Reboot: Release Date & Price

The Saints Row reboot will be released on August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S. The game was originally announced during Gamescom 2021, with the original release date slated for February 2022. This was eventually pushed back to August.

The PC version will be exclusive for the Epic Games Store until some point in 2023, most likely one year from the original release. A digital-only Gold edition is also available for $89,99, a lot more than the standard edition for $59.99. With the gold edition, you get a number of exclusive in-game content, as well as the Expansion Pass for the game. For ten more dollars, you can get the Platinum Edition, which also includes a remaster of Saints Row The Third.

Here's everything that's in the Saints Row Gold & Platinum Editions:

  • Idols Anarchy Pack
  • Saints Row Expansion Pass
  • Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle
  • Saints Criminal Customs

Saints Row will be the perfect game to play while you're waiting for GTA 6, which we have the first details for here:

Saints Row Reboot: Story

Saints Row Story
Saints Row is all about control, baby. | © Deep Silver

The new Saints Row follows into the footsteps of its predecessors: you are playing a completely customizable character called "The Boss", who is trying to build up his own gang from nobodies to the rulers of their city. This time you're going to cause havoc in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, which looks like it's loosely based on Las Vegas. That means you can expect a lot of sunshine, deserts, casino and moral decay. Yummy!

This city is under the control of three factions, who you will be competing against in the Saints Row reboot:

  • The Idols: An anarchist gang controlling the nightlife of Santo Ileso
  • Los Panteros: Focused on vehicles and street racing
  • Marshall Defense Industries: International private military corporation using advanced weapons and technology

In the Saints Row reboot, you are a former member of MDI who is getting together with other dissatisfied ex-members of these organizations to seize control from them. To do this, you will have the support from multiple characters. These include Neenah, a mechanic and driver, the organizational talent Kevin and the businessman Eli.

The game is supposed to be less outright wacky than its predecessors, especially Saints Row 4. I mean... you played as superheroes in that game, it's not too hard to be more down to earth than that. But that's exactly what the Saints Row reboot is aiming for, by bringing back the entertaining blend of seriousness and comedy from the first games of the series.

Saints Row Reboot: Gameplay

Saints Row Gameplay
Saints Row will let you cause chaos with a friend in co-op multiplayer. | © Deep Silver

From what has been shown so far of the Saints Row gameplay, it pretty much looks like you would expect it too. Lots of shooting, driving, explosions and all the shebangs. And that's exactly what fans will want from Saints Row: causing tons of mayhem with fun, wacky weapons. And the best part? You can play the entire game in co-op with a friend. That was hugely fun in the old Saints Row games and promises to be a hell of a ride again.

Another aspect to the gameplay that's coming back concerns districts. Santo Ileso will be split into nine districts that players will take over throughout the game. It looks like this part of the game will be expanded in comparison to the old games, as you will now be able to build your own businesses in districts that you have taken over.

One big part of Saints Row was always the character creator. Making your own Boss was always great fun, and we already know that the creator in the new Saints Row will be fantastic again. That's because the Saints Row character creator is already playable ahead of release. Check out the linked article to see how you can play the so-called Boss Factory.

Saints Row Reboot: System Requirements

Here are the minimum and recommended system requirements for Saints Row on PC:

Saints Row System Requirements
Saints Row is playable even with outdated hardware. | © Deep Silver